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Hopefully it isn't worst case and things work out alright.

Sucks to hear about the two rejections and the fact that they'll have to cut through your ink.

Account Deleted


i wish you get through this and hope the operation
will be going well...



Terribly sorry to hear about your illness, Euan. Be strong -- we're pulling for you!!!

Ian McDonald

Hey Euan,
Aey and Lucas and I are thinking of you often. Aey is waiting for her Harrods bag and I'd like some bangers and mash. Luke would like a river otter. Sorry about your rejection letters. The bastards. I bet you miss Thai food already. I'll eat some larb bla dook for you today.
Ian, Aey, Luke

Jirayu C.

Get well soon, we're waiting for you.
You are my best teacher.
Ping (I was your ERS student)


Keep fighting! Euan. I'll keep my fingers crossed =]
Beem (Your student)


Best creative writing teacher EVER!!!

i wish you will be back here in Thailand again

and also continue to be the grammatical teacher once!!!! :) :)

(ERS student)


Thank you all. I love you. All of you. Especially you, Ian.

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